Uhm, its nice that like someone actually got to like capture and see me being vulnerable and enjoying my body.

Interview #6

The Study of Sexual Intimacy is a journalistic artwork that requires the artist to document sexual intimate acts by the process of painting and interview 1. The process starts with the artist painting a proposed model(s) while they do their habitual or normal sexually intimate acts. 2. The artist sits down with the model and asks them very basic questions regarding their sexual intimacy.

  • Questions
  • How would you describe your gender?
  • How would you describe you sexuality?
  • What is your connection with yourself/partner?
  • Please describe the act that just took place in your own words.
  • Is there anything that catalyzes your sex life?
  • Is there anything that inhibits your sex life?

So yeah, I just fucked the shit out of myself.

Interview #1
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